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Sarkasmer krånglar till textanalys

När automatiserad analys av innehåll på sociala medier blir allt viktigare finns det en svår nöt att knäcka: Maskiner förstår inte sarkasmer. @2014-07-28 15:03

Rekord i sårbarheter för Internet Explorer

Antalet kända sårbarheter för Microsofts webbläsare Internet Explorer i år är redan fler än för hela förra året. Det rapporterar säkerhetsföretaget Bromium. @2014-07-28 10:38

Så ser succéprognosen ut för spel till mobilen

Enligt analytiker väntas en rejäl boom i intäkter. På bara några få år beräknas marknaden omsätta det dubbla. @2014-07-28 06:00

Spelstudion reste sig ur Grin-askan

Efter att det svenska spelbolaget Grin fick soppatorsk bestämde ett gäng före detta anställda sig för att testa lyckan på egen hand. Snart är det dags för elddopet. @2014-07-26 08:00

"Det krävs en ny syn på it-säkerhet"

"Dagens it-säkerhetsarbete kräver att man håller jämna steg med kreativa kriminella", skriver James Tucker. @2014-07-25 11:55

Uppgifter: Googles miljardaffär klar

Enligt amerikansk media är nu jättens Twitch-uppköp i hamn. @2014-07-25 09:59

Amazons praktfiasko

Företaget gör storförlust efter hektiskt kvartal. @2014-07-25 09:27

Stort säkerhetshål upptäckt hos Wordpress

Tidigare okänd brist i den populära bloggportalen kan drabba miljontals användare. @2014-07-25 06:00

Ny teknik

Genombrott för svensk tryckt diod

En tryckt diod som fungerar i gigahertzområdet. Det kan vara den felande länken mellan mobiler och tryckta etiketter. Linköpingsforskare står bakom genombrottet. @2014-07-28 15:03

Ryssland tvingar Norwegian ta omväg

Norwegians Bangkokresenärer har 40 minuter längre resväg än nödvändigt. Ryssland tillåter inte bolagets plan att flyga över ryskt luftrum. @2014-07-28 14:41

Dold fallucka stoppar fortkörare

Ett rörligt farthinder ska få fartdårarna att lätta på gasen i Uppsala. Den nya falluckan installeras i höst. @2014-07-28 14:22

Ny användning för svenskt supermaterial

Det extremt porösa materialet Upsalite gör att molekyler lättare kan tas upp av kroppen. Därmed kan ratade läkemedelskandidater få en ny chans. @2014-07-28 13:45

Här åskar det just nu

SMHI har kartan som visar åskvädrens utbredning över Sverige i realtid. @2014-07-28 13:00

Kartan avslöjar gårdagens blixtattack

Sjutton blixtnedslag där urladdningen hade en strömstyrka större än 100 kA. Det visar SMHI:s karta över Sverige för i går, årets blixttätaste dag. @2014-07-28 10:29


Under söndagens åskväder sattes nytt blixtrekord i Sverige. @2014-07-28 09:58

Gigantiska mikroskop växer fram

I den skånska myllan utanför Lund växer två av Europas största forskningsanläggningar fram – Max IV och ESS. I den ena pågår testkörningar. I den andra togs första spadtaget i förra veckan. @2014-07-28 07:00

Toms hardware

Transcend SSD340 256 GB Review: Now With JMicron Inside

We have our first retail SSD with JMicron's JMF667H controller. Paying $115 for 256 GB of fast storage sure sounds attractive, but has the company ironed out the issues that plagued it in the early days of SSDs? We run its SSD340 through our grinder. @2014-07-28 09:00

RAID Data Recovery and Repair Services: A Buyer's Guide

RAID data recovery and disk repair is more complicated than dealing with a single drive. Here are considerations before choosing a service. @2014-07-26 09:00

LG 34UM95 34-Inch Ultra-Wide QHD Monitor Review

When we looked at 29-inch ultra-wide displays last year, we asked for greater size and more pixels. LG answers that request with its 34UM95, a 34-inch panel with a resolution of 3440x1440. Today we run it through our performance and usability analysis. @2014-07-25 09:00

HTC One (M8) And One (E8) Review: A Flagship And Its Sidekick

We run HTC's flagship Android smartphone, the One (M8), through our exhaustive benchmark suite. In addition, we take a close look at its less expensive sibling, the HTC One (E8). Both devices are compared and tested against a strong field of competition. @2014-07-24 09:00

Who's Who In Power Supplies, 2014: Brands Vs. Manufacturers

Do you think that all power supplies are manufactured by the brand on the label? Think again. We show what makes a good PSU and reveal who builds them. You can actually find lots of quality (instead of just scrap metal) behind some of the budget labels. @2014-07-23 09:00

Nvidia Officially Unveils the Shield Tablet and Shield Controller

The Shield Tablet advances both mobile media consumption and gaming by combining the best features of the Tegra Note 7 and Shield handheld gaming device into a compelling mini tablet and wireless controller. @2014-07-22 15:00

Best Of The Best, Part 2: Who Makes The Most Elite PC Case?

Our search continues for the one performance-oriented case with the highest-quality fit, finish, features, and materials. A spate of recent arrivals extend our series out into three parts, so today we see if the second round can top the first. @2014-07-22 09:00

PowerColor Devil 13 Dual Core R9 290X 8 GB Review: Dual Hawaii on Air

PowerColor’s Devil 13 graphics card, with its two Hawaii GPUs and massive heat sink, weighs in at more than two kilograms and exudes luxury. But can it compete with AMD’s dual-GPU reference design with closed-loop water cooling? Let’s find out! @2014-07-21 09:00


Engadget Daily: credit card skimming, floating 'Star Wars' holograms and more!

Today, we investigated the tech behind credit card skimming, looked at floating 3D video, learned about next gen lithium ion batteries and checked our Uber passenger ratings. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.... @2014-07-29 02:27

What's on your HDTV: 'Sharknado 2', 'Twin Peaks' Blu-ray, TLoU and NFL

Syfy is going to try to capture social media lightning in a bottle one more time, with the sequel to last summer's bad-but-popular Sharknado. We're not exactly sure what Sharknado 2: The Second One is about but suspect has some combination of sharks... @2014-07-29 01:57

HTC's next Windows Phone is coming to Verizon with an awkward name

More than a few eyebrows were raised when talk surfaced of an HTC One for Windows Phone. How close would it be to the Android original? Would it bring anything new to the table? And what's the name, for that matter? Thankfully, sources for Engadget... @2014-07-29 01:21

BMW's fast electric car charger rolls out to the US

Many direct current fast chargers aren't exactly practical, even for stores that expect a lot of traffic; they're frequently massive, power-hungry and expensive. BMW knows that's a problem, which is why it just brought its i DC Fast Charger to North... @2014-07-29 00:54

Facebook is about to make everyone use the standalone Messenger app

It's been coming coming, but Facebook told TechCrunch today that the time is just about here -- starting "over the next few days" everyone will need Messenger to chat directly with their Facebook friends on mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows... @2014-07-29 00:18

OKCupid treats your love life like a lab rat

Facebook is perhaps the most prominent example, but the internet, whether we want to accept it or not, is a gigantic data-mining operation where every thing about us is monitored, measured and experimented with -- even our love life, should we... @2014-07-28 23:43

Meet the judges of Engadget Expand's Insert Coin 2014 competition

We know Insert Coin contestants shed blood, sweat and tears to complete their masterpieces, so we make sure they get scrutinized by people who know what they're talking about. For this year's event, we gathered a group of judges from different... @2014-07-28 23:15

NVIDIA found a way to quadruple display performance in low-res LCDs

Face it, the tech industry is obsessed with resolution; we want every display to be high definition, regardless of size. We also want our devices to be affordable, leaving device manufactures with an interesting problem: how do they manufacture... @2014-07-28 22:47

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